About Us

 Hello & welcome to our slice of the web. 

 First & foremost we are fish keepers. We currently have a 12ft marine reef tank & a 8ft tropical fresh water tank running that consumes a lot of our time. Jen & myself have been keeping aquariums for a number of years now.   We will load a picture or two in our blog once we start setting up our new tank.

 We started this business to supply quality products at an affordable price. We've found so many choices & variations that working our way through them all was never ending. We've tried the entry level products & top of the line products & both have served their purpose in different ways. Through this business, we want to bring quality products to the market that we have either used or had good reports about from personal friends. There is no point in buying a product that gets rave reviews but wont serve your purpose. If you are handy in the DIY area, then you will find some great products along the way. Most of the products we have listed are in stock now & can be sent out straight away.

 Our business is located in Melton, Victoria & if you prefer, you can pick up your purchase after hours & weekends. If you are in country Victoria we also have a few ways besides regular postage to get your items to you quicker. As I say, "The coffee is always hot when you get here"

  We have been running for 3 years now through word of mouth & the reefing forums  TheReefuge & MASA. We do not want to be the biggest, list the most products or have the largest profit margin. Jen & I plan to be around for a long time offering decent products at realistic prices.

As you can see, this is a new website. We have plans to further this venture, add new & innovative products, keep customers updated with new developments in products & most of all, stand behind any product we sell.

There are only the two of us on the team. There is no call centre, if you call, you wont be given the option to make a choice of 1, 2 or 3. If you SMS or E-mail, you will be dealing with real people, Ken or Jen. We may not be able to answer you straight away, but we will get back to you.

Both Jen & I look forward to hearing from you, about your tank & helping you out where we can.