8 Switch Power Board (PDU)




Power Distribution panels are one of the biggest single cable management improvements you can make in anywhere you need to run a number of power cables. The panels have 8 AU sockets across the back & each socket has it's own illuminated switch on the front, so it's very easy to see what is turned on or off. Each switch has a hard plastic cover which removes the possibility of turning a switch on or off by accident. These power panels are rack mountable 1RU in size & will fit international standard 19" rack systems.

Computer server rack application-
Fit these panels in your server racks for flexible power distribution when you need it. Not just on / off for the whole power board. Power down only the item you need to work on while everything else keeps running.

DJ / Lighting application-
These boards are very similar to the Chauvet power boards that where very popular a few years ago. We have upgraded them to suit Aust. plugs & sockets. Surge protection so your lights / equipment are protected.

Aquarium application-
Remove those untidy plastic power boards we all have mounted under our tanks. These power boards will allow you to keep all your electrical cables hidden & switchable from one handy location. Mounted high in the cabinet will also reduce the risk water splash.

Home AV / sound system application-
No more power boards hidden away behind your TV or stereo cabinets burning power on standby! With these power boards you can now switch your whole system off & only power up the items you need at a given time.

3 units are shown in the photo's fitted inside a server cabinet. 

Panel Details:
1- AU power plug off the left side
8- switches on front panel
8- removable switch covers on front panel
1- Reset switch on front panel
8- AU power sockets on rear panel
Surge protection
Rated voltage 220v-250v / 50-60Hz
Max power out 2400w
Max current 10A
CE & RoHS compliant

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8 Switch Power Board (PDU) 8 Switch Power Board (PDU) 8 Switch Power Board (PDU) 8 Switch Power Board (PDU)