38mm Ceramic frag discs - 50pk


These are ceramic frag discs and unlike aragonite frag discs do not need to be cured. The frag discs are fired at over 2000 degrees for several hours. This helps prevent any Ph spikes that are common with aragonite frag discs that usually never fully cure which can lead to major problems in your tank.  

All frag discs have easy to break away stems for those who wish to have a disk or do not have in the live rock work. The crowns are made as thin as possible to allow growth to cover over the edges sooner then some thicker crown frags plugs on the market. The coralline colour also helps with limiting the growth of algae on the frag plug.

These frag discs are great for mounting LPS, SPS, Birdsnest, Montipora, Xenia & Acropora. The discs are 38mm and the frag discs have been designed to have a more natural look once placed in a rock or crevice with curves to flow with the natural rock work.

  • 100% Hand poured ceramic frag discs
  • 38mm Crown
  • Natural curves to mimic a reel reef